The Drawbacks of the Evolving World of Technology


Undoubtedly, the rapid evolution of technology has been incredibly beneficial to the world population. However, it also holds a dark side since it has many disadvantages also. Find below a list of the drawbacks of technology and how it is affecting the world’s population. 



Here are the Disadvantages of the Technology


People Has Become Dependent and Addicted to Technology

It is a bitter fact, but people have become incredibly dependent and addicted to technological devices. For example, before, kids would prefer going out of the house to play, but now they like spending time using mobile phones or PlayStations to play at home, eventually resulting in an unhealthier habit that could cause them a lot of harm long term.

Risk of Getting Hacked and Prey to Scammers

The internet is a place where you can easily get hacked or become prey to scammers. For example, anyone can pretend to be selling a product at a low price, and once you pay them, you never receive anything. Or someone can hack your social media account and start posting something which could harm your image. 

Online Business can Cause Street Shops to Close

Online businesses are blooming over the internet since it has become effortless to find more potential customers using this method. However, this can lead street shops to close because people are no more interested in buying something when they can buy it online and get the products delivered at home.

Misusage of the Internet

The internet contains all the information you can think of, and anyone can access it. For example, a kid can easily access adult content when it’s actually not supposed to be permissible. 

Risk of More Criminal and Terrorism Activities: Dark Web

Lastly, the existence of the dark web can increase criminal and terrorist activities. Terrorism can use coding to plan an attack, while others can illegally sell drugs.

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